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Employers are allowed to discriminate

Did you know that employers are legally permitted to engage in discriminatory practices? As shocking as this may seem, in some very specific circumstances employers are legally allowed to breach human rights laws. Provincially regulated employees in Ontario enjoy the protections granted by the Human Rights Code. Among other things, these include equal treatment in employment […]

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The boss is probably watching

Our clients often wonder how private their work computers actually are. For many, the answer is troubling.   The issue of privacy rights in the workplace can be obscure. It is a developing area of employment law in Canada far from being resolved. With the advent of technologies in our day-to-day lives, it is very […]

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Leering can constitute sexual harassment

We all know that one person at the office who is often caught inappropriately “checking out” coworkers. Let’s hope you’re not it. Otherwise, after reading this post you might want to curb this nasty habit. After starting a new job, M.H. quickly noticed that her boss was particularly fond of the female staff. He had wandering […]

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