Cédric Lamarche


I couldn’t have asked for better representation than Cedric Lamarche.  His patience and caring in such difficult times was impressive. He was precise and confident and I really appreciated his integrity. He taught me about the whole court process and prepared me for every possible scenario while addressing my concerns.

– Nachely F.

Cedric Lamarche is an invaluable and passionate employment lawyer who fights my “wrongful dismissal” cases. He’s a great communicator who understands what I go through. He promptly settled my first case and the second is in process. I just provide honest information and allow him to take care of the rest. There is no stress, no drama, nothing negative about my experiences. I live in a different province and have even met Cedric in person to thank him for the work he does. I have already recommended Cedric to a friend who is utilizing his services and will continue to recommend him to others. His talent goes beyond his work, to the customer service of the individual. He is funny too which is a great perk.

– Julia V.

After dealing with wrongful dismissal litigation for a few years, Cedric Lamarche’s counsel has been invaluable. His professionalism is beyond compare and his dedication to standing by his client speaks through his work in how he diligently prepares and executes in negotiation and at trial. I highly recommend anyone to seek his counsel in this arena as he has proven to be an excellent employment lawyer and advocate for his clients.

– Voula M.

In Cedric Lamarche, you will find a solid performer, hungry to establish his professional presence as an employment lawyer in Toronto, which means he will fight for you, respect and squeeze the best performance from every minute of the billable time. Cedric also has a down to earth personality, which makes it easy to broach difficult subjects and have frank conversations. I have highly recommended Cedric to colleagues and family in the past and will continue to use him in the future.

– Lucas L.

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