Hena Singh

Toronto Employment Lawyer

After gaining years of experience at both a national Bay Street law firm and a boutique employment law firm, Hena Singh started her own employment law and workplace investigation practice with the goal of providing her clients with practical and tailored solutions to employment and human rights issues. Hena is recognized by her clients and colleagues as effective in her use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods and negotiation skills to explore options, which often negate the necessity or reduce the risk of litigation. These methods can provide options which achieve the best possible outcome for all parties, while avoiding the acrimony associated with litigation. However, Hena also recognizes that certain circumstances and cases are better resolved through litigation. Hena is recognized for understanding and applying legal nuances critical to ensuring that the various angles of a particular issue are considered. With experience in both ADR and litigation, Hena has the skills necessary to advise on each process and assess the most effective, efficient and cost-sensitive approach for her clients.

Hena assists employers and employees with workplace issues of all types – from the contemplation of an employment relationship, to assisting in its continuation, as well as termination. She has the experience of having conducted hundreds of workplace investigations for a variety of organizations – in the public and private sectors, for both provincially and federally regulated organizations. She is a mediator, certified Workplace Investigator, certified Compliance Officer and has a B.A., a Masters Degree in Psychology and an L.L.B.

Hena is the author of the book A Practical Guide to Conducting Workplace Investigations and also the co-author of the book A Practical Guide to the Law of Terminations in Ontario.

As a result of her formal credentials and extensive experience, Hena is a frequent presenter on various employment law, human rights and workplace investigation issues, and is recognized for providing her clients with practical and tailored solutions to employment issues.

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